Downloadable Components

Download Description
by Fatalis
SourceSplit is a component that helps out Source engine speedrunning. It can automatically split for you when a map changes, and it keeps track of in-game time so you don't have to record demos. It works by reading the game's memory, and it should work on every Source engine game.
Speed Guides Live
by iNightfaller
Allows you to create a guide for your speedrun with notes that are displayed for each individual segment.
Alternate Timing Method
by Dalet
Displays Real Time if the comparison is set to Game Time and vice versa.
Focused Hotkeys
by Dalet
Enables Global Hotkeys only when specified programs have focus.
by Mini
Shows the current run title and run category in Discord using Rich Presence.
Reset Chance
by The Sound Defense
Shows the likelihood that the run will be reset during the current split.
Pace Placement
by XandoToaster
Tells you your current place in a theoretical race against every previous pace in the current history.
by Shotnex4
Allows you to pause and save your run in a file midgame and continue it later.
LiveSplit Server (Note: This component is deprecated, as its functionality is now built in to LiveSplit directly. See the documentation for more information.) Allows a remote connection and control of LiveSplit by starting a small server within LiveSplit.

Standard Components

Name Description
Title Displays the game name, category, attempt count, and game icon.
Timer Displays the current run time.
Detailed Timer Displays the current run time, current segment time, PB segment, and Best Segment.
Splits Displays the split times and how far ahead or behind the current run is compared to the personal best.
Graph Displays a graph of the current run in comparison to the personal best. Graph colors can be configured along with whether or not the graph is updated live.
Previous Segment Displays the difference between the personal best and the current run over the last segment. Becomes "Live Segment" if the current segment is longer than the best segment.
Possible Time Save Shows the difference between the best segment time and the segment time of the personal best run. Effectively shows how much time can be saved if the segment is played perfectly.
Sum of Best Displays the sum of best segment times. Shows the "perfect run" time based on the best segments.
Text Displays customizable text. This is useful when you're streaming your run and want to show additional information such as goal times or world records.
Run Prediction Shows a predicted time for your current run based on a comparison that you choose.
Uploads runs automatically to and keeps track of live runs for The Run Live.
Hotkey Indicator Displays a separator that changes color depending on whether or not global hotkeys are enabled. It will show green when global hotkeys are enabled and red when they are disabled.
Current Comparison This component displays which comparison you are currently comparing against.
Comparison Time Displays the final time (or a split time/segment time) from a particular comparison.
by Chris
Displays a custom counter that can be controlled with hotkeys.
Delta Displays the current delta to a comparison.
Video Shows a PB or WR video that is synced up to the current run time.
Sound Effects Plays sound effects for different situations, like splitting, resetting, etc.
Manual Game Time Allows manually entering segment times as game time.
Subsplits by TestRunner Allows certain splits to be defined as subsplits so that they are only displayed when they are relevant.
World Record Displays the World Record for the current game and category, queried from
Total Playtime Shows the total amount of time played with the current splits.